About Us

Who are we?

We, the General Authority for Minors' Affairs, are an independent governmental Authority established in accordance with Emiri Decree No. 66 of 2004 and its amendments. Our goal is to preserve and develop the funds of minors, as well as those in similar cases, and to protect their financial rights as we supervise them socially, educationally, and physically, so as to guarantee them a decent life.

Specialization of the Authority

The General Authority for Minors' Affairs is based on Emiri Decree No. 41 of 2014; on guardianship of minors and occupant pregnancy, who have no custodian or guardian, and the guardianship over those who have lost or are haven’t reached eligibility as a representation of the Missing individuals and Absentees, who have no representative or agent. We supervise the actions of protectors, guardians, custodians and agents, with respect to their consideration of minors, in order to supervise their affairs socially, educationally, and physically. Moreover, we receive and manage their funds while investing and conserving it, opening bank accounts, maintaining their respective records, speaking on their behalf with the authorities within and outside the state. Additionally, we enclose inheritance funds of those minors with inheritances and supervise its management to collect, manage and invest inheritance funds that do not have heirs, and the provision of inheritance fund, issued as a decision by the division who have not submitted the beneficiaries of the heirs to receive them after notification with an official letter. The funds of absentees and missing persons who do not have agents, in addition to preparing and implementing the necessary studies and plans for the development of the funds of minors and those in similar circumstances, and other funds managed by the Authority in accordance with the provisions of Islamic law and the provisions of the State law.

The Vision

A safe guardianship for a decent life.

The Message

We seek the safe guardianship of our minors within the framework of a distinct and integrated service and investment system that ensures the preservation and development of their funds in accordance with the provisions of the Islamic Shari'ah, with high responsibility, professionalism and active partnership.

The Values

Transparency, Empowerment, Participation, Excellence, Honesty, Responsibility, Efficiency.